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Full Version: What did you do to your trains today?
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I thought this was a funny and interesting idea for a thread pinched from another forum I am a member of Tongue With or without pics is fine.

So... What did you do to your trains today??

Today I filmed Plarail Stephen, I also did a couple of minor repairs (Percy's snapped coupling) (Bulgy's misaligned front axle) and a small amount of dusting.

[Image: 20140519_1603140.jpg]

[Image: 20140519_145405.jpg]

[Image: 94495093-b7b4-46e7-b5a7-d0dfcdf55086.jpg]
That is a great picture of the differences between the Tomy and Trackmaster Stephens. It blatantly shows how horrible looking those holes in the Trackmasters wheels look. Hey Trackmaster, Why do you alter your product to fit your packaging?...Why don't you alter your packaging to fit your product? [Image: confused-shrug-smiley-emoticon.gif]

Still working on a custom train station as all I have left is making a wiring harness. Good topic! Off to watch you latest YouTube Review.
I took 24 pictures for my website now I just need to edit them in photo bucket, upload to the site, size properly and type up descriptions, I will post in My Collections when this major update has been completed later today!
nothing yet. we are having a running night at the club, so will maybe take an HO train to run out there.
My first modded Spencer (3v and ultra dash) got a repaint, can't wait to get him back together

[Image: 1809a0ca-405d-4a28-a808-3114e5d7eaee.jpg]

[Image: 3799c471-c13a-4260-bbe1-27a636b5ecb1.jpg]
Is that your first paint job using your new airbrush system. How did you like it? How is the paint holding up? The silver looks great and the masking is perfect. 3volt with Ultra Dash, will he stay on the tracks?
its a rattlecan paintjob sad to say, still need to get some more supplies to use the airbrush and its much more involved than a rattlecan but I think the results would be much better than this.
I like that spencer, I don't like however that mine has ripples in the tender , but I don't mind too awful much
(06-03-2014, 02:48 PM)Trackmaster-Rail-Yard Wrote: [ -> ]mine has ripples in the tender
(06-04-2014, 12:39 AM)Super Wrote: [ -> ]
(06-03-2014, 02:48 PM)Trackmaster-Rail-Yard Wrote: [ -> ]mine has ripples in the tender

Bumps , kinda like small waves