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Mini modification - leylandvictory2 - 06-30-2019

I found the following photos from a twitter account (his twitter page is  
[Image: D-Mvx-t-U8-AY5-HHG.jpg]

[Image: D-Mvx-s-U4-AAKUOU.jpg]

According to him, he  used a adventures James chasis with several custom cuts and parts made for the interior. A Take-N-Play Emily chasis is too big so I used spare wheels!

RE: Mini modification - Super - 06-30-2019

I love looking at what others come up with in their heads for customs.

RE: Mini modification - leylandvictory2 - 07-01-2019

(06-30-2019, 11:38 PM)Super Wrote: I love looking at what others come up with in their heads for customs.

you should check out his twitter page often for new modification.

RE: Mini modification - DalaGStanator - 07-01-2019

The title made me think it had to do with Minis. This is much better, though I think Rajiv deserves his bunting, side railings, proper dome and funnel crown.

Speaking of different wheel diameters, I've seen what they did to Jack in this range, and it just looks like another case of "Do they seriously think kids are that dumb"?

[Image: latest?cb=20190619195341]
The use of one diameter for all models is not as noticeable with engines (partially because they're supposed to have running boards for the most part), but this is an epic fail. Same with Kevin.

RE: Mini modification - leylandvictory2 - 04-06-2020

I don't want to start a new thread. So i will post it here. It is possible to remove the snow plow off engines with a pair of pliers and a bit of blunt force.
[Image: 20200406-163546-2.jpg]

RE: Mini modification - rekp - 04-07-2020

Well done, just reduced its value bu around 1-200

RE: Mini modification - Super - 04-07-2020

I thought all snow plows were removable/replaceable and they were only attached by the buffers?

RE: Mini modification - leylandvictory2 - 04-09-2020

(04-07-2020, 01:07 PM)rekp Wrote: Well done, just reduced its value bu around 1-200

i don't have the tender for this Henry.  so it has devalued already.  i can put the plow back in if i want to.

There are two hooks that connected to the bottom of the chassis.  I had to use a pair of plier to pull it out.

RE: Mini modification - leylandvictory2 - 10-15-2020

i got a wagon that is destined for scrap yard.  
[Image: 20201015-105451.jpg]

The damage is way too damaged for repair.  so I decided to turn it into a flatbed hehe with the help of the plier.  
[Image: 20201015-105443.jpg]

[Image: 20201015-110100.jpg]

RE: Mini modification - Super - 10-15-2020

Well done Leyland. Smile