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Bambino - Dillon_Trinh - 01-31-2021

RASS has built a new steam locomotive named Bambino, looks pretty good. The railway is located at Narita Dream Farm in Narita Chiba Prefecture Japan.
[Image: Erx-Hc5e-VEAAQGdu.jpg]

[Image: Erx-Hc5-MUw-AEfk4r.jpg]
[Image: Erx-He-Do-Vg-AEo-KJo.jpg]

RE: Bambino - Super - 01-31-2021

Isn't that a cute little fellow. He reminds me of something that was built from a toy steam kit.

Thanks Dillon

RE: Bambino - leylandvictory2 - 01-31-2021

I felt sorry for the operator operating this locomotive in the rain.

RE: Bambino - Super - 01-31-2021

Or the smoke blowing in his face Big Grin

RE: Bambino - Dillon_Trinh - 02-01-2021

He's not cute, he's a work of art that cost over 40 million yen.

RE: Bambino - Super - 02-01-2021

LOL...just because its a work of art and worth a couple dollars doesn't mean hes not Cute LOL

RE: Bambino - Dillon_Trinh - 02-01-2021

40 million yen is not a 'couple of dollars' it's hard work paid off, money doesn't come from trees, it's not like toys(depends), it's work that people do. Do you think it cost a couple of dollars to build a steam locomotive? It's kind of rude thing to say to RASS, they're hard-working people that know how to operate and built steam locomotives.

RE: Bambino - Super - 02-01-2021

Haha...just what I need...a lecture from a 19 year old about life...this is too funny. Smile

RE: Bambino - Mister No - 02-02-2021

(02-01-2021, 04:07 PM)Dillon_Trinh Wrote: He's not cute, he's a work of art that cost over 40 million yen.

Nevertheless, he's cute!  Heart