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TrackMaster 2007 HitToy Terence Unboxing
Walmart box vs.Target blister pack

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The Complete Edward UPDATE! 
2013 TrackMaster Talking Edward variation!

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Another difference between the two that was not mentioned in the video is the addition of a fron splasher on the fixed wheel model.
Lucky to find one in that condition, although the way it was packed, with the drawbar like that does make me a little bit worried for the integrity of the plastic
The magic of the GWR
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YouTube Exclusive Unboxing! 2024 AEG Wobbly Cake Thomas

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The Complete Henry UPDATE! 2013 
TrackMaster Talking Henry Variation!

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The Complete Toby UPDATE! 2013 TrackMaster 
Talking Toby (U.K. British accent)

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2009-2012 TrackMaster U.K. ACCENT Talking Thomas

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2008 HitToy TrackMaster New Collection addition UNBOXING

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2020 TM2 ULTRA RARE Christmas Thomas UNBOXING!

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It's funny how a "Christmas" pack slated for December 2021 ended up being released in summer 2021. I think I know the reason why.

In autumn of 2021, AEG was meant to be released, so releasing a TM pack based of the cgi series wouldn't make sense anymore. However, they had already produced a few of them, so instead of cancelling them, they rush-released them that summer in a very small handful of UK retailers just before the forbidden show was released. This was done as a last ditch effort to get rid of their last cgi thomas stuff (notice how the metallic gordon pack and a few other things were also released in very small quantites).

This is what I presume must have happened.
Train it, plane it, you name it!
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