Rok's Model Train collection

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Where has AC been lately anyway???
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I have seen him pop in from time to time but as you can see from his YouTube Channel he and Evan have moved on from these trains to building a massive collection of huge Lego Sets. The latest video being uploaded a mere 9 hours ago. From the video it looks like Evan doesn't need him anymore has he is building the sets himself and AC has been demoted to a simple cameraman LOL. I believe he also was completely finishing his basement which, knowing AC, will be done first class. I was hoping to see a massive toy display room once its finished.
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Oh boy. Well beating Super is an intermediate goal. It's time for a new ATSF bluebonnet is up next, N scale most likely.
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Here is a unique piece: a Pennsylvania FP45! Obviously a custom since the Pennsy didn't make it past '68, but the person who made it sure put a lot of work into it.
A view down the right side.
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Today, we take a look at my very incomplete switch yard.
In the following image, you can see an F unit.
DAGNABBIT GOOGLE! It won't let me do link sharing for the second image. Just sit tight I guess?

Anyways, this is a Bachmann HO scale FT in Warbonnet paint. F units were later retired to yard service, but the cowl bodies led to little sight looking backwards.

On some ATSF branches, there were sidings to hold the whole train, as to not inflict with the mainline services. so that's what happened here.

If you think about it, it's like an Inglenook (a type of model railroad switching puzzle)
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Nice photo Rok, thanks for sharing. The Santa Fe Super Chief is one of our most favorite F-Units.
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