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Here is my Enoden Plarail, please travel with me from Kamakura to Fujisawa! 

I hope you like it.

Kamakura Square:

[Image: IMG-20191229-224943.jpg]

View on Kamakura Station:

[Image: IMG-20191208-180259.jpg]

Kamakura Central Station:

[Image: IMG-20191208-174117.jpg]

Enoden on Dokidoki Mountain:

[Image: IMG-20191229-224546.jpg]

Sotetsu 7000 boarding on Kamakura Viaduct Station:

[Image: IMG-20191208-174230.jpg]

Kamakura's Five Track Station (Plus One Elevated):

[Image: IMG-20191229-224036.jpg]

Enoden 500, Hanshin 8000 Red Body (and Harold) in Fujisawa:

[Image: IMG-20191229-224708.jpg]

Enoden Type 1000 on Track 4 in Enoshima Station:

[Image: IMG-20191208-180203.jpg]

Enoshima Station:

[Image: IMG-20191229-224318.jpg]

Travel to Hase Station w/the Great Buddha of Kamakura:

[Image: IMG-20191208-171321.jpg]

Seasons Greetings:

[Image: IMG-20191224-201739.jpg]

Fujisawa Sunny Street Endpoint... and Meitetsu 513+514 carrying tourist to the Dokidoki Fortress:

[Image: IMG-20191226-104814.jpg]

A few Xmas videos...:

My YouTube Channel is here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UChTaB_D...0XJXNuOFyw

Happy holidays!
Nice layout Mister No. You have some great Enoden trains/trams.

Can I ask if the row of buildings in your layout are the same as these ones on AliExpress here:


I have looked at them and wondered what they would be like. They look pretty good in your layout.
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Very nice layout! I’ve considered those same RMZ buildings but haven’t gotten around to buying any yet.
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Thank you, Finno! Your layout is nice too. And you have the old Plarail Kamakura Station, that I would know how to use in my layout, but Santa forgot me this year I suppose...  

Yes, I use these houses from AliExpress for my Kamakura Square, but in Enoshima I used these smaller ones: https://www.aliexpress.com/item/40002494...4c4d0MwWhS

They are different (I had no idea that some of those smaller houses play music!), but both kinds are great in size and quality, and I like them very much, planing to buy some more (I need some houses in Fujisawa, too!).
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Welcome to Blue Plastic Tracks, Mister No!
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Thank you! It's nice to be here! 

[Image: avatar_915.jpg?dateline=1577659067]
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Nice Layout Mr No, I do like the Village street. Welcome to the family.
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Thank you, Super!
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My YouTube Channel: Mister No
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Thank you for the New Year Wishes Mr No and to you too.
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