Opening smokebox door mod

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Been a while since I've shown someone else's mod or custom here, but I wanted to share this one thinking it might give certain members an idea.

Hardy20068 defaced a Thomas and gave him a smokebox door that not only looks good, but actually opens (albeit in the opposite direction to the fake hinges). Of all the smokebox door mods I've seen, this is the first time I've found one that has this feature. Here's the demonstration video.

Naturally, I look forward to doing this with my upcoming scratchbuilds of faceless steamers, only I'd use better hinges and not (what seems to be) tape to make them a bit sturdier. Maybe even using screws for handles to actually lock them (though I wouldn't get the "clock hands" [darts] like on some European designs).
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Hi Dala,

Probably the best way to hinge it would be to have a couple of small tubes fitted to something attached to the boiler and a small tube that is appropriate size to fit between the two small tubes attached to the appropriate edge of the smokebox door.  You could then use a pin or similar to effectively make a hinge.   Bearing in mind the size maybe you could use some rubber sleeve from a small electrical wire for the tubes?  Just suggestions Smile

As for the 'clock hands' on English loco's that is commonly referred to as "The Dart" Smile

Hope this helps...
Happily collecting things all my life... Big Grin
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