WOOHOO! Jurassic World 😃

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Nice pair of trains! Did the extra dinosaurs also arrive?
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No, they are still in transit with a carrier I am not familiar with...ECMS Global. Ever heard of them?
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The Raptor cage car matches the longest Plarail articulating rolling stock (8.5" not counting the couplers) which is the Long Container Carrier, S-38 released in 2021 and I believe the Car Carrier, S-34, released in 2020 however I no longer have one of those so I can't compare.

Something else is weird...this Motor Chassis is the first remake of the AA assembly with the battery sitting low and to the front where all the newer releases use the updated one to that where the battery sits high and to the rear. And...the engine clearly shows two speed positions yet the motor only has one speed. The back of the box shows that the switch is just On and Off too. At first I thought the switch must be a miss as it does have 3 positions but no change in speed in the 2 On positions. I won't know for sure until I open the second box.

The picture below shows the first modification completed with the removal of the white couplers replaced with black to match all the chassis's.

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I don't believe I've ever heard of ECMS Global, but I hope the dinos arrive soon, alive and well! 😎

As for the 1 speed motor with 2 speed marking (OFF-ON-HI) on the roof of the engine, it has already happened, but only when the earlier model of the same train had 2 speeds and the latest edition had only one, so they didn't bother to change the mold. But I'm puzzled why did it happen in this case... I wonder if it's the same situation with the new Loading/Unloading Station train?
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Thanks for posting Super I can feel your enthusiasm. It must be fun to open something new just as it has been released. I have a few peoject engines and plenty of track as you know but would like to treat myself and open something new in box one day Smile The Japanese way of packaging really shows respect for the toy inside with its excessiveness.
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Nice new release from Tomy there Super, I have to admit the thing about the on/off/speed switch is a bit odd, I wonder why they changed it? Do you think it may have something to do with the super long wagons? Maybe they produce more drag on corners and it struggles if on the low speed setting if it was 2 speed?!?

I didn't know they were doing Jurassic World models, what type of dino's do you have coming?

Cheers, Nigel
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I am wondering if you may be right Nigels or maybe they found a bunch of the first updated chassis stored away and they wanted to use them up but then, I wouldn't think they would do that with a collaboration train with the movie like this which adds to the strangeness of it all. Furthermore, the instruction slip inside the box showing how to place the battery in the chassis clearly shows the current AA updated motor chassis and not the one included in the set. This all being said...and because both the first and second renditions of the newer chassis are interchangeable, I swapped this motor chassis with a real two speed to see the difference. The test shows that their is really no need for the two speeds however it seems the speed that is missing is the 'Lo'...which I actually prefer for this dangerous cargo freight train. After all we wouldn't want to transport these dinosaurs as fast as say, a bullet train for fear of a derailment and the Dinos escaping. The Test shows that the one speed adequately pull the two trains together (2x engines, 2x container cars & 2x Long Dino containment cars) however I like the 'Lo' speed even better so I think I will keep the swapped 2 speed chassis in one of the engines.

I don't have a phone like the rest of the world...in the photo below a small card also came in the box that I don't know what its for. Is it scan-able from an image like this? If so, what might this say?

The set includes one Baby Blue Raptor shown on the box front but not that neat looking T-Rex so I ordered a couple of them.

I also have 3 different Jurassic Park Guest Jeeps ordered to also transport in those long cars if they fit and look good in them

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(07-16-2022, 10:55 AM)Super Wrote: I don't have a phone like the rest of the world...in the photo below a small card also came in the box that I don't know what its for. Is it scan-able from an image like this? If so, what might this say?

[Image: IMG-1880.jpg]

You'll find the same thing on the inner end flap of any recent Plarail box.

The QR code leads to www.takaratomyfans.com
..you can read it yourself without a phone by using a PC with a webcam and an online scanner, for instance https://qrcodescan.in/
The text reads and translates as follows:

Product survey in progress

To those who answered
Get a free gift!
* For details, see the website
Please see at.

JANコードナンバー 4904810211273
Customer ID number
JAN code number

JAN (Japanese Article Numbering) is another name for the EAN-13 barcode.
4904810211273 is the barcode for the Dinosaur Train product, you'll see it used for example at:

The Customer ID is not unique, mine is the same as yours.

www.takaratomyfans.com is geo-blocked, you'll need a VPN to get into it. I might try later.
No to....WebCam, PC Scanner, VPN and no phone...LOL...I am ancient

Thank you Dr Chris 😃
So it looks like you scan that thing which takes you to a Survey for the train and if you fill it out you get a free gift? Wonder what that might be
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