Name someone who joined this year who hasn't been online as much.

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Title says it all.
Just call me Slushie.
We have dozens of members who join and also have a life outside of being online here at BPT"s. They come on from time to time when they want or have the time. We really don't call out anyone here for how much time they spend with us. Just being a member here is good enough for me.
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I would say me but i do try my best to check in daily so that goes right out the window
Call me Generic ...wait.

Never forget the K.I.S.S. principal
what does K.I.S.S. stand for, you ask?
Keep It Simple Stupid
That's me lol.
I wasn't collecting Plarail models for a while so subsequently I wasn't active.
Been collecting some more trains recently.
Plus I'm just a Plarail fan, not also a Thomas fan so a fair lot of topics I have little to nothing to say
Hunting Shinkansen for life (but not at all costs) :>
I guess me? :>

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