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Recently, YouTube has decided to mark content which are made either for 13+ people or for everyone as kids content.

So I found these:

BitView is a 2008 YouTube recreation, personally it's proven to be a site that can give other recreations a run for their money. (in my opinion)

Probably the best right now thanks to the fact you can choose channel styles and you can pick website themes.

I have nothing to say other than how it requires you to verify your phone number with the Authy app, which is a shame for a really beautiful looking website.
Like WeVidi, nothing to say except it's nice.

Unknown Ones:

Like WeVidi, I have nothing to say other than it's a very nice site.

Very cool website, and like VidLii, you can change channel styles. But you have to have a BetaTube Gmail? I don't know.

YasFam currently directs to a Argo Tunnel error, but it looked like 2008 YouTube a bit.

It's a demo so far but it's basically a YouTube time machine.

I dislike this site alot due to how broken the site is, (e.x uploading game or image file instead of an mp4.)

Private Ones:

You currently need a invite key and a Discord account in order to sign up, I can't release any info right now but keep your eyes on the lookout!

If I find more YouTube alternatives, I'll edit this to have them.

Update, 2022-10-27:
-YasFam is now closed.

Update 2022-10-31:
-ClipTube and BetaTube are showing Argo CloudFlare tunnel errors, they either closed or are just getting errors. (the latter uses a Raspberry Pi to run servers)
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Thanks for the info and your thoughts Saka
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Good info but I think people will stick to YouTube, as it's name is worldwide
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Thanks for the alternatives! I think i'll try out VidLii since it sounds SO COOL!
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Oh wow. I remember when I was a SubRocks admin for 3-4 months. The community isn't that great.
What is "SubRocks"? i'm confused.
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(10-29-2022, 05:39 AM)ToxicToad Wrote: What is "SubRocks"? i'm confused.

Was, not is. There's a barely coherent description of SubRocks here.
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Why was it even closed?
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Probably due to the community.
Just call me Slushie.
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Thanks laddie!
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