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So, there we have it, as mentioned in my other thread, here's the review of quite a controversial product here, the very first set of ES series,
Plarail ES-01 Shinkansen N700S!

1. The box

[Image: DSC-0433.jpg]

[Image: DSC-0434.jpg]

We have two large images of the product, as well as the product name printed large. N700S only has blue and white, so the color theme is quite dull, unlike some other ES sets. On one side we have the train taken from the side and the contents, a train and a sticker sheet. Compared to the standard (S) series...

[Image: z3899282198829-bc3131ff64ca1e7f2b1637215eb72608.jpg]

No window, no fancy real life image, no extra info of the real train. Plarail is promoting ES as "debut" or "basic", per the white text with red/black border on the box, so they'll make it cheap, that's understandable. The ES box is also smaller in height and length.

2. What you will have

[Image: DSC-0416.jpg]

We have three blank white cars with grey bottoms, as well as the sticker sheet that is, unfortunately, crumbled up. I don't know if the shop I bought the train from had done something prior, as I bought from a reseller. 

Some small stickers around the wrinkled area has fallen off, but luckily still salvageable. Yeah, unlike stickers in Tomica or Plarail Advance sets (the two other range of products I bought), there is no protection, i.e. nilon package, for the stickers! The train, as usual, still have the nylon bag.

No further instruction papers are provided for the set, but they provide a QR code for you to scan and read. Alternatively, here's the link: All ES sets
Under each sets should have this button, in different color, this will give you more info, as well as instruction for the stickers.

[Image: nfchm.png]

3. Sticking the stickers
[Image: DSC-0425.jpg]

There are 16 stickers for the set, numbered 1-3 with 1 for front car, 2 for middle and 3 for rear car. I have also played with Lego and they also have stickers so I'm not too bothered about this. There are slots for the stickers so line up one side of the sticker to the slot and it should fit nicely if done right. The headlight stickers though have quite sharp corners on the train surface, it sticks well.
This is what you should have if applied correctly (roughly):

[Image: DSC-0423.jpg]

4. The train

[Image: DSC-0437.jpg]

Here I also have a standard-sized mixed N700 for comparison. ES is shorter, of course, but by how much?

[Image: DSC-0438.jpg]

[Image: DSC-0440.jpg]

Front and rear car, both are shorter by 1 cm (0.39 in), while middle car is shorter by roughly 2 cm (0.79 in), in total it should be 5 cm (1.97 in) shorter than the standard train.
However, when packed in the box, aside from the slot for the vertical hook, there's another trick, which is retractable horizontal hook on the front car.
The middle car, however, does not have enough space to retract as the axles are right near the edge of the car.

[Image: DSC-0447.jpg]

Here's the motor, nothing much goes on here. It is not swappable with the standard one as the wedges in front, around the nail, is wider.

[Image: DSC-0424.jpg]

I have yet to run the train but I have tested with a battery, it runs well enough, not slow.

So, there we have it. Personally, I'd say this is a fair product. The price is, well, not much cheaper from standard trains, but for some markets, i.e. South East Asia, where Tomy products are still continuously imported (and have official stores), it makes more sense. About the product, it does provide basic essential stuff, length difference doesn't matter that much. The stickers are cumbersome though, and the train won't look complete without it.

Some of the points here may (and may only) be more worse in other ES sets, so do the research.

For now, I only see this and the future ES-12 are worth buying in ES series, as the others should already has the standalone standard equivalent.
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Good review, thanks.

Although I really don't like having to put the stickers on yourself, it does seem like (from other reviews I've seen as well), that the recessed areas on the shell that match the stickers make it much easier to apply them neatly than it would otherwise. I suspect that your rumpled sticker sheet is a result of careless packing at the factory.

That's the first good view I've seen of the retractable eye coupling.

I've got an ES-08 C12 coming my way, currently stuck at customs in the UK with a bunch of other new stuff.
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Thank you Hano for your review and pictures. I am still wondering what the retractable couplings are for?
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Thanks for the review. I still think this...

[Image: DSC-0416.jpg] unacceptable for Plarail.
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(11-21-2022, 11:20 PM)Super Wrote: Thank you Hano for your review and pictures. I am still wondering what the retractable couplings are for?

The only reason I can find for now is to reduce the box length as much as possible. The foam cushion between the cars are much thinner for the ES than the S sets.
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