Inside an OTT Monorail

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I just thought I'd put this here in case anyone needs to see where all the gears go. This is the insides of the 2013 2-car Tokyo Monorail 2000 type which was a limited edition set sold at Plarail Expo and the like, but I think all the OTT (Over-The-Top) monorails will be the same.

The gearbox casing comes apart very easily, just three screws and a (not glued) plastic clip, but as with all these things, it's easy to have all the innards sprayed all over the place. At least there are no loose springs to come pinging out.

Mine has a split gear for which I have just ordered a replacement, the one indicated by the red arrow. It's got 10 teeth, is 6mm long, and 6mm in diameter, and the shaft is 2mm diameter. The ones I found are longer but I don't expect that to be an issue.

[Image: image.png]

[Image: image.png]  [Image: image.png]  [Image: image.png]
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Thanks Dr Chris. I imagine that all the other "OTT" Monorails may or may not have a different configuration since they have 3 units but I am not sure. I would suspect that your Monorail will have no problem navigating the rise on your 3D rails as its only two units with a smaller coupling.
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Super is right that the 2-car and 3-car OTT monorail trains are completely different from each other mechanically.

My question now is whether there's any evidence anywhere of either the 2-car or the 3-car OTT monorail trains being compatible with MR-02 slope rail? If there is, I haven't found it yet.

I've repaired mine, and it runs fine on level track, but it simply doesn't bend enough in a vertical axis at the coupling to be able to travel onto the slope rail, from which I conclude that it's not meant to.
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I think the only over rail Monorails that can make it up the slopes are the older Disney ones as there couplers aren't as bulky which may have added to how wobbly they were. Even the newest Disney releases will not work. This was very disappointing to me as I wanted to incorporate a Disney Monorail in a Disney themed Layout where the Monorail swooped down to a station at the Magic Castle. Must add the all the under rail Monorails I have had, have no problem with the slopes.

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