Manufacturing Date???

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Does the sticker inside of a Plarail Engine's shell have anything to do with the date of release. For example this D01 sticker on a DD51 Diesel. I am curious that if this means 2001 the chassis has the old Tomy Logo fro the 60's to the 80's

[Image: IMG-2196.jpg]

[Image: IMG-2194.jpg]
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Conventional wisdom says that the sticker indicates a production date of April 2001, and the only red DD51 with yellow wheels came in the 2001 First Try Set.

Have a look at this video at 3:59, and you'll see the same chassis markings as yours:
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Fantastic...thank you Dr Chris you are always coming to my rescue 😍 I guess I would have to assume that they used the old chassis mold with the old Logo from the other DD51 releases for this 'First Try Set' or they used the one from the '1973. DD51 Diesel Locomotive Set' with red wheels.
Thanks again Dr Chris 👍😃❤
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