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Long time, guys. Hope all is well. Yesterday I found my first blind bag box of 2020s while getting some groceries. It seemed full and new. There are so many in there that I just had to get a few. Really can’t spend that much in one go. So, I decided to get all 8 75th anniversary trains including the metallic Thomas 75th.

With so many new trains in one box, I’m interested to know how the waves are going to be split up this year. They can’t do 4 waves like normal with that many unique trains, can they? It’s an interesting approach. Kind of wish I got more, but no rush I suppose. I think taking such a long break with nothing new for me has sort of decreased my desire to keep up with it all, I guess.

Luckily I found the spreadsheet on the first page here. A life saver for finding what I wanted. Thanks for that ?
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well done finding them, reivax. I hope the box is still there when you are able to go back for more. Smile 

I also found a box at a supermarket yesterday and took the whole thing, box and all. we were travelling for a night away and stopped to look for hot wheels. very glad we stopped. I spent the rest of the trip opening and crossing them off my list
I feel so much closer to the end now, and more determined to finish what was started so many years ago.
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Nice find, sun. I saw your pic on Facebook. Same happened with me when I truly had no expectations to find any, so it was a nice surprise. It feels good to see the end in sight, eh? How much more do you need? As far as I know I just need 3 from before this year. 2 off colour cargo cars and the dowt metallic train (which someone has one for me still, from what I know).

I also hope the trains remain at the store, but I have a feeling I’ll be seeing them pop up again at some point in the future. The minis sections in all local stores had really sized down over the last year and the shelves have basically never changed for what feels like at least half a year. I wonder if casual collectors are even taking notice much anymore, being that the shelf selection has basically stayed exactly the same for a very very long time.
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I need around 16, not including the 2 on their way from amazon [3x fizz n go Thomas and 3x fizz n go nia]

hopefully they are becoming more widespread and will become easier to find. glad you grabbed all of the 75th ones, definitely a smart move I think, as they will be most popular.

our stores have never had a minis section, just a box on the shelf within the Thomas section, which has really gone to pack with old stock or very little stock. heck, I cleaned on store out of their 2016 blind bags yesterday. lol
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Hello friends! Just wanted to check in on all of you! Hope you’re all well and staying healthy! Keep up with the social distancing!
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good on ya, mike. new Zealand is in lockdown, so no doing much of anything for a month or so.
hope you and yours are staying healthy, and that goes for the rest of the board as well.

my fizz n go nia's were surprisingly delivered today. a bit annoyed as one was duplicated and not the one I ordered. 2x GGN43 instead of 1x GGN43 and 1x GGN45.
have emailed amazon, as with the lockdown, I cant return it for a refund. it will either be gifted or sold instead, and I will have to re-order the correct one.
given I didn't expect them to arrive for another month due to the lockdown, I cant complain too much really! will be grateful of what I have instead. Smile 
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Someone just PMed me, asking how to only show checked engines on my page. I thought I'd repeat my answer here, because it might help other people. You need to start by getting into the developer console (ctrl-shift-j on chrome and, I think, firefox) and going to the console. Then paste in this line and press enter:

document.querySelectorAll('table table td input[type=checkbox]:not(:checked)').forEach(e => = "collapse");

Or you could change ":not(:checked)" to just ":checked" to only show the engines you *don't* have.

Couple that with clicking on the titles of the waves where you have none, to collapse them, and using the Print View: Blind Bags button at the very bottom of the page. You can also use the "Hide re-releases" option (due to a bug you need to refresh the page to update the sums) so you don't get the same engines listed over and over when they were re-released.
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Looks like black james and lbsc thomas have different sides.
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Now I'm surprised they didn't have these among the first special variants, since Minis was introduced the same year (2015). They look just as I would've thought they would, except for the other sides showing their current liveries being applied (and James having a black running board). Thomas was shown being repainted in The Adventure Begins, but James wasn't. Nevertheless, it's nice to have them after so long.
A lot of new MINIS have popped up, probably from 2021, such as Aquatic versions of Diesel, Gator, James, Edward, and Harold.
We know Mattel usually designs and prototypes all of their toys at least a year ahead of release.
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