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(03-01-2024, 09:57 AM)Super Wrote: the Dog Express would have been neat if it 'Barked' as it rolled the rails 😊

In Japan, dogs say WAN WAN (apparently)!
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Might that translate to 'Woof Woof'?

The description of this, not real (right???) train says:
Quote: "Boasting the most comfort among all Plarail trains, this is an express train that you can travel with your pet, connecting the city and suburban recreational areas."

Might get to be quite odorous and messy [Image: steaming-turd-smiley-emoticon.gif] with many dogs running around in the coach and assume that there may be many fights also.
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It seams that creating track pieces that do something previously possible, just in a tighter space is becoming a theme and I like it as it could result in more interesting compact layouts! Perhaps we may even seen a smaller and tighter curve
The magic of the GWR
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Like the new releases! Especially that Plarail decided to not make some type of rails exclusive to one set.
Probably the very few times that Plarail add new number to the series (R-29 and R-30) instead of replacing existing rails
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Oh, this Osaka Loop Line looks really great!  Heart
Even the box looks great!  Big Grin

[Image: Osaka-Loop-Line-1.webp]

[Image: Osaka-Loop-Line-2.webp]

[Image: Osaka-Loop-Line-3.jpg]
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