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Hey guys these have popped up on the net, Stephen appears to be tender drive and Connor has a proper coach and a HUGE face! Harvey looks unchanged except for animated face and different colored powered works coach.

[Image: PlarailStephen.jpg]

[Image: PlarailConnor.jpg]

[Image: Plarail2014Harvey.jpg]
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I can imagine the earlier coaches that were sold with Connor, might well turn up on ebay, at collectors prices when these new models land in the shops.....
They were funny coaches, in reality, just being a goods truck with a sticky label over it.
The 2014 releases are a far better model.
I thought that those coaches were the cheapest looking coaches ever made when I saw pictures of Connor and the other train like him. I am not a big fan of any stickers let alone ones that depict windows. Glad Plarail has come to the rescue. I am not into the Thomas trains but a string of these coaches would look good running behind any engine,
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For some cheering up after the TrackMaster controversy, better pictures have just been revealed for the July 10 2014 releases:
The product pages for the Thomas Go Out Solid Rail Map and the Let's Create Thomas Rail Visual Scene Set. It shows that you can put the two items together but the layout looks like a waste of what the Visual Scene Set can do with its 18 possible layouts, and a track section is wasted on the Rail Map.
The Thomas Pounding Mountain Set is an updated Thomas at Roller Coaster Mountain Set. The mountain has a new look with the top section replaced by a sticker and the edges of the tunnels have some new decals. The trucks have been changed to a red log car, and there's a stop track piece in the layout.
And here's a close up of the 2014 James. I actually don't mind it as much as I thought I would.
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Thanks Jdogman
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Nice jdogman! You are always ontop of these things! Great job!
From Thomas To Today's Modern Diesels, They're All A Part Of My Rail-Yard!
Nice finds mate!
On Twitter, P_kiesFan found strange real live Japanese steam train disguised as Thomas the Tank Engine from the Japanese Railway Events. Big Grin
that is a train to be released in September from Tomy you can pre order here:
I already have mine reserved I have a feeling it will sell out fast, I have posted this before no one seemed to care. it will be a limited release!

(06-14-2014, 05:21 AM)dunbarthediesel Wrote: On Twitter, P_kiesFan found strange real live Japanese steam train disguised as Thomas the Tank Engine from the Japanese Railway Events. Big Grin

thanks for the picture of the actual Plarail toy it looks as awesome as i imagined it would be, glad I have mine reserved!
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those are good pics. geris, i remember you posted it before, and to me it looked like a run of the mill thomas. these pics show its different. i think ive registered with the site and will likely get one.
my website address has changed:
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