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I wish my N700 had the removable light panels. I had even bought 2 of the rear ECO cars with the generators in hopes that I could modify one to use over the front engine for lights but no go. Too bad...for me and the Grandson. Maybe I will give it a go with making a hood for the lights like I did with our green Salt Substitute headlight.

Dodgy Silly me...I thought you were talking about a White TGV along the lines of this one... Smile

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Nice new YouTube videos Ucwepn

The black and white with only the blue tracks in color is an awesome shot, I love that. [Image: winking-thumbs-up-smiley-emoticon.gif]
New roadway looks great spanning the ocean. What type of motors are in those cars? Can they be beefed up [Image: giggle.gif]. How about lights, can they also be modified? What type of battery do they use?

I noticed in the Percy Circus Freight Set review video and in some others that certain trains get stuck going up the ramp behind the switch house. I have a theory as it has happened to me. I see you have added a mini riser and some cardboard to the upper side of the ramp thus creating a different angle on the rise. If its like mine then that different angle of the slope creates a bottoming out on some engines or rolling stock causing the train to slow or get stuck. Why it happens with some and not other engines or coaches is probably due to the wheel base, wheel size (some rolling stock has small wheels) and the distance from them to the front or rear of the engine/car. Could this be what is happening at this point in your layout?

I know I have seen it in a couple other videos but what is the Mooshtown Banner on the Station Platform represent?


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Im sure the Mooshtown is made by Ucwepn's art creator
(03-08-2014, 02:45 AM)Thehsvdude Wrote: Im sure the Mooshtown is made by Ucwepn's art creator

Would that be.....you?
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Hi no its a fellow I chat to about thomas collectables on facebook, his youtube channel is quite bizarre but he is a great guy and very decent with the photoshopping. I named that station for him after he did some awesome artwork for my channel. Stuff like the one below with bright colors are a hit with my subscribers Big Grin

The hill is steeper than normal as I have some taller than normal locomotives that need to pass underneath, and yes you are correct about wheelbase although most engines share the same wheelbase.

The road vehicles are very interesting little things, they have a motor like the locomotives do but a smaller gearset and the switch is electrical only meaning they don't free roll. I have modified a couple with faster motors. Lights I have not tried yet as these things are quite rare and only getting rarer but I might try my hand at one soon on a more common one. Most of them run on a AAA but Elizabeth the steam lorry/tractor runs on a AA. They started out being made by TOMY then when HiT toys acquired the licence with trackmaster they continued the range for a short time but then it was killed off.

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Now thats an understatement about your friends YouTube channel, bizarre is right and not kid friendly for sure. But I do like the artwork he did for your YouTube channel.

With me, I had a couple of ramps that I had to do the same thing with raising but not due to taller trains, more because of cutting a corner/curve underneath with another rail was too close to the incline and the tops of some engines or cars would catch it and derail. I found its not so much the wheelbase front to back but more of how long the shell extends forward of the front wheel and the clearance it has.

Looking forward to seeing some of those cars speed racing around the new roadway with some of your magical modifications.

Haven't seen you around lately, were you having computer problems since you posted your latest YouTube video??
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Yes had a few computer issues, I lost my main hard drive the 2tb with everything on it including my windows install, was without a computer for a couple of days then a couple more days to get all the programs I needed again etc. The info on the hard drive could not be retrieved and has been sent off for a warranty claim. TheHSVdude is also having a break from here for a while so I will try and run things as best I can in the meantime.
Another great YouTube video review Ucwepn

The 2013 Stepney is very quite and it surprised me that Trackmaster didn't use the flat drive that they seem to have gone to with a lot of their newer releases. Those crooked decals are a shame. Was the other Stepney you bought at the same time have crooked ones too?

Now thats what I am talking about...Bertie and Buldgy (is that right) are really fast. Did you swap out the motors? Do they make double roadway pieces so you can have a race? Are those real troublesome tankers or something you created? I have never seen them.

Does this building have sound and if so do you know what they call it or what set it may have come with? If it has sound it looks like something I might like to modify and make into a non-Thomas type building, station or loading dock.

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Hi I stripped the other one several months ago but I recall the decals on that stepney were not as bad as this one, oh well hehe. Yes he is a great runner! some of these drive units are not so good if you watch my percy circus video you will see a bad one that gets stuck regularly.

The road does not come in double sadly but it can be arranged in a sort of double loop if desired. Yes both the buses have upgraded motors. The vehicles were struggling at the top of the loop so I sliced notches in the track so the tires could grip, problem solved Big Grin

I bought the troublesome tankers here and there when I saw them I got them in ebay lots, very rare items. They are a dirty brown color in the tv show.

The station is from the Sodor sounds track pack and yes it has sound, a lovely little item here is an ebay link but you would be better buying it in a local store as it would be around $20 or less. it makes a crossing bell sound and a conductors whistle sound.

Thanks for the info Ucwepn

I managed to find a new one on Ebay US for less than $19 including shipping. I didn't bother trying to find a used one as it probably would be in a lot of many other things that I would then have to turn around and sell on Ebay to get rid of and I have tons of that type stuff now.

Some ideas swirling around in my head are to remove any Thomas related stuff and stickers, repaint to make the station different adding decals and items or, I am toying in my head with an idea of removing the voice box & rewiring it with a button switch installed in the track itself so as not to need the large paddle that the train moves to start the sound. Seems to me I have seen a video somewhere of someone installing a button switch in a blue track for some reason but I can't recall where I saw it at.
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