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Hi yes I know the videos you are talking about with the track switch he used it to control a level crossing as the train approached I believe. The paddle switch on this station is very floppy and requires little effort to engage. Good buy mate for sure!
Nice new YouTube Review Ucwepn, Trackmaster Deluxe signal starter set 2014 with "Working Hard" Thomas I really like the unboxing and setup outside and gave an out load chuckle with the audience clapping when Hard working Thomas made it up the hill. Good job Mate!

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Thanks mate!
That Hector coal car must be rare as I see them going for quite a lot of money. Was there an insert for it that looks like coal?
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Hi not sure on the coal insert to be honest I got it in a lot with a red express coach it was hard to say no.
(03-27-2014, 03:12 AM)Ucwepn Wrote: Hi not sure on the coal insert to be honest I got it in a lot with a red express coach it was hard to say no.

I have not seen a coal insert for Hector. I have 4 Hectors (I think it's 4) and one of them is brand new and unopened. I picked it up for $20 when the seller accepted an offer to take it from the listed lot. Pretty happy about that. :-)

There is a similar truck available as a plarail item (non thomas themed) but it is very expensive. Its called a 3810 or something like that and is usually listed for about 3500-4000jpy. Cheapest i've seen one sell for was 2800jpy (i stopped bidding at 1500jpy). If i find a listing I will post a link. Very rare item indeed.
The reason I mentioned the coal insert was I remember seeing one here and there on Ebay. They are black and rectangular in size with all sides flat except for the top which bumpy and looked like coal. I am not sure if what I saw was wood or plastic but it did look like it was to fit in a car like this.
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i have a hector that was bought brand new and there was no insert. tomy bill was sold with coal loads, but they were designed for a troublesome truck and would be too tall for hector. looking through my files doesnt show any other style of coal load, but an HO scale one might fit?
my website address has changed: https://sunscollections.weebly.com/
Next time I come across one I will post an image.
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Question for Ucwepn

While watching your unboxing and review video of the 2 Disney trains I spotted a track piece that I can not find anywhere for sale. Of course there are the hard to find but attainable 1/4 size M/M F/F M/F but in the 1/8 size I can only get the M/M & F/F ones. Not anywhere have I seen a M/F one like you have in your layout. Did you buy this or is this the results of your modifying talents?

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