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As you may notice one edge is skewed and its the result of my so called talent haha. Some see it as cheating but needed a way to get around the transfer station as smoothly as possible (with as few curves as possible).
Cheating??? No way, more like ingenious. So thats why I have never seen them fir sale. They probably don't even make them.
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chris, i see a 3d printer in your future, producing these little bits of ingenuity for your fellow blue track fans.
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I think I used a hacksaw and a hobby knife to do it, a rush job to get the railway back up and running, I would love a 3d printer one day to make custom bodies, wheels, side rods, bogies, couplings, faces and track pieces. I don't want much LOL
Doesn't everybody have a 3D printer in their basement....? Cool
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New Ucwepn YouTube video...nice job mate [Image: thumbs-up.gif]
Almost looks like there has been a Power Dash Motor replacement in the train as it is going so fast. Is that Derek engine a real Thomas character or someone you created and modified?

Plarail Shinkansen Series 100 S-04 unboxing review and first run

Usually after watching a video like this about a real train I like to learn a little more about it. In this case I was curious about the middle, double decker, dinning coach. Notice the dumbwaiter for transfering food between the 2 floors. I am not sure if it was only the dinning coach that was 2 floors or if they also had passenger coaches the same. Here is a video from a museum piece with a walkthrough of that car.

I am only allowed 1 video per post so here is a link to the video
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Hi Super thanks for that link its was very interesting! Derek is home made from a plarail DD51 851 (don't worry I bought a replacement haha) with a wooden face added. They do not currently make a Derek in any of the Trackmaster or Plarail range.

Not my best effort but fans of the show recognized him as I posted the pic to facebook with no description and allot recognized him immediately. In his appearance in the show he was brand new and kept breaking down hence I thought he should break down on his ucwepn debut haha

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EGG Huntin Zombies

Great new video Ucwepn, perfect timing.

I never understood why they didn't have the liquid Egg Dye in the tanker moving like the Strawberry Syrup tanker. They are exactly the same except for an axle piece and rear traction wheels. I actually had an extra strawberry tanker and swapped the axle & wheels in the Egg Dye tanker and now the Egg Dye liquid sloshes back and forth as it rolls down the rails.

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Nice new Unboxing Review & First Run Video is up on YouTube. Plarail Mickey Western Steam train 2014 Nice review my friend and nice new workbench. From the sounds your new work area must be in the shed next to your layout. I can picture many a Mod being created there. Speaking of Mod's, can't wait to see your next video which will be featuring some of your Mod work.

I don't know why they would have very nice coaches with a removable roof like that unless they would include some kind of characters or figures that could fit inside. Even if they sold them separately would be better tan nothing at all. I was curious as to the background of why the engine had number 1118 on is. I all the Disney parks everything sign had some significance to creators, past movies, characters, names, birthdays, everything so I figured Disney wanted Tomy to have this different number. My research came up with nothing. Thought it may have been Walt' birthday but its not. Anyone know what it could be? I hope you review the Winnie the Pooh train as I would like to hear what you think of what looks to be a new type flat drive that Tomy has. I have never seen one like it and it is featured in Toys_Trains-Things Video here on our Forums.

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(03-27-2014, 10:08 AM)Toys_Trains-Things Wrote: Cheapest i've seen one sell for was 2800jpy (i stopped bidding at 1500jpy). If i find a listing I will post a link. Very rare item indeed.

Here is the link to the tomy 'Hector' coal hopper truck.


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