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"Power Functions 2.0" is actually called Powered Up, and is vastly different to the previous system (Power Functions). For example, the wires plug into sockets in the battery box instead of being stackable like normal bricks, and the battery box uses a built-in Bluetooth receiver instead of a separate infrared one. It also tells the difference between a train motor and an M (medium) one.

(07-24-2019, 04:43 AM)Super Wrote: Really? That middle car looks factory made, well done.

LEGO is assembled by the customer, so "factory made" would be inaccurate. MOCs ("My Own Creations") tend to be much better than official LEGO designs these days.
Thanks I just copied the roof and sides of the original design so no moc here. I do find pf 2.0 to be a weaker system overall and lacking torque.

And not a new layout but the remains of the old layout which is yet to be pulled down but thats happening in a couple of weeks.
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How is your winter down under going Uc? Is it cold out in the shed?
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Sadly, it's absolutely terrible there when we have summer. Leokimvideo's recent uploads should give you an idea of what goes on in Sydney:

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