Shinkansen Transformation Robo: Shinkalion!

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I agree I am excited for this new series and especially for the new show that seems to be aimed at a slightly older audience. The new protagonists are middle school age.

There's two more items that have 'leaked' (I wouldn't call it a leak - it's technically public information) from Takara Tomy getting trademarks on the designs. One is clearly our bad guy Shinkalion (no images of the robot yet) and the other is a dozer vehicle remade from the drill.

[Image: brotIOC.jpg]

[Image: b10rQzq.jpg]
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First wave of toys release tomorrow - I have them all on preorder. I don't know if I'll be posting links to the episodes this time around.

They take up a lot of space and I'm no longer hosting any of the files I had linked here previously. I know it will be getting fanmade subtitles like the previous two shows so you'll be able to find it when the time comes if you know where to look.
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Thanks T-Fanz for all you do 👍
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I got them in today. I've posted some photos and written down some of my thoughts over on my Twitter page.
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I liked that they lengthened the car (a bit), they can still roll just fine on Plarail rails like the commercial, right?
If there's something I want in Real Class, lengthening like these Shinkalion would be one suggestion.

Can these be hooked to normal Plarail cars or are they standalone?
Hunting Shinkansen for life (but not at all costs) :>
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Yeah they have wheels and should roll fine AFAIK. Don't have any of my Plarail track on hand to test atm.

They have a connector on the back.
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Each time I see your post, it's a struggle to not purchase one of these (had it in my cart multiple times but I remove it), because once I go in....I go all in. But they are so cool looking and tempting. But I have a huge collection of Gunpla as it is.

Is there a reason why the 500 TYPE EVA-02 goes cheaper than the others? It was under Y2500 at one time on Amazon JP but it went back up to Y3500, which is low considering how much the others are.
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