What did you do to your trains today?

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Is that the way it is suppose to be or a defect?
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you can see the "ripples" in the top photo, to me it also looks like how a real tender is constructed in panel sections with sheets of metal over a frame.
Yah like that
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yesterday we started to use the new airbrush and it is a fantastic tool! very smooth consistent paint delivery, a fine mist that gets great coverage and allot of control.

We repainted a spare 2012 Thomas, the color was chosen because it was the only acrylic we had that could be thinned and washed up with water Big Grin After that we went and bought some supplies to thin and wash up enamel.

[Image: 20140614_142558.jpg]

nek minnit

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Then we started on my 4472 project not too sure about the color, was to be lner and to match the Hornby decals the color matching was difficult it could end up being a BR livery now. Photo shows it as almost tan but its a kind of drab olive green. this photo shows the smooth and excellent coverage of the airbrush especially over fine detail molding.

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Love the dirty looks of the hired loco and the use of flat paints. How did you like using your airbrush and how durable is the finish? Did you prepare the surface somehow so the paint adheres better? Would love to see a picture of the front or will we have to wait for the next Customs video? Looks like he could use a black coupler.
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Hi the airbrush is fantastic! My bro was here helping me and did most of the painting and was teaching me along the way, he was an apprentice spray painter so yay! The finish is just as durable as brush painted humbrol acrylic, We have yet to run the tank engine as I want to add a smokebox door and a taller funnel Big Grin For preparation we used wax and grease remover on all surfaces to be painted then tried to avoid touching them as much as possible as to not contaminate the surface. It sure is a bit of messing about with prep and then cleanup compared to brush painting and rattle cans but the results speak for themselves. This morning we repainted 4472 in a slightly lighter shade and think we are close to the decal color, then we clear coated it. Hopefully it will be dry enough to assemble tomorrow. I will show a proper pic of the tank engine when its finished hopefully later today Big Grin
The wax and grease remover, is that a liquid and did you dunk it in a bowl or brush it on? Just rinse it with water?

I hope you might try doing a short piece of track at some time. My last test failed. I had such high hopes for cleaning with mineral spirits, using the auto plastic bumper primer spray can with Tamiya can spray over it. with a 7 day wait in between for total curing. Just tried a little flex and it crack the paint. Not nearly as much cracking and peeling as my other tests. Can you flex the plastic with not cracking after air brushing? You future customs are going to look so good.
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Hi Super wax and grease remover we wipe onto the surface with a cloth, I am not really into painting the track airbrushing is the same type of paint that would be brushed on or sprayed from a can so no real advantage it still dries hard and can crack, but I have found some paint/dye type of products to be more flexible and forgiving than actual paint. These could be worth a try and I wish you all the luck!

Vinyl dye, used by nerf gun modders to paint their guns and for its proper use by auto enthusiasts to paint the interiors of cars, it provides great holding to plastic and is somewhat flexible after it dries.
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Plasti dip, is a relatively new product and the great thing about this is it dries like a latex type of rubbery material, that can be peeled off if desired leaving no trace or damage. It will stay on the surface until you want to remove it (people paint their whole cars with it, wheels etc.)
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nothing to any trains, but i tidied the clubrooms in preparation for our AGM on tuesday. vaccumed both rooms, set up chairs, scrubbed and mopped the kitchen and bathroom.
and i got an unexpected kiss for my hard work. *sigh* Heart Blush
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Thanks much Ucwepn...they look promising but then again I thought the same thing with the plastic bumper paint. I am going to track some down and give it a try especially if they have a gray color similar to the gray tracks I have now.
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