What did you do to your trains today?

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very interested to see how you go especially with plasti dip as its a rubber type coating Big Grin could be a cure to the new Trackmaster grip problems
After your post I watched several videos of actually spray painting whole cars....wow it has to have good adhesion and stretching just because of the expanding and contraction on a car due to sun and cold. These products look to be readily available here at all the auto parts stores. Only thing that concerns me is thickness. Will it be too much for the track couplings and will it fill in the shallow traction grooves on the rails.
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I would personally mask off the sides and fronts of the track connections at least on the male sides or get the hobby knife and do a selected peel around the connectors, its not ideal I know, it will be allot of trial and error for this purpose but I do think this stuff is durable and up to the task.

Anyway going to film a quick follow up today to the trackmaster 2014 Thomas showing him running and how to disassemble and re-assemble also the filing of the activation/locking tab. Look out in the background for a couple of customs hehe.
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I finished off this pair today, very fiddly especially the decals and lining etc. The Flying Scotsman tribute and Old Mr Cloudy.

Also black couplings and tires arrived and I fitted them to a couple of locos theres pics in the black coupling thread Big Grin

[Image: 20140617_164228.jpg]

[Image: 20140617_164135.jpg]
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Very nice, is there some significance to the name Mr Cloudy?
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nah its a running joke between my bro and I because I smoke cigarettes haha, its also a fairly different and quite an original name for a run down old shunting loco that needs allot of parts replaced.
More custom goodness! Trackmaster Ferdinand, with Sprint dash motor, extra weights, glued slipper gear, black couplings and painted details. Goes very well now, a very strong logging climax loco Big Grin

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Very nice UC.

I had to track down a picture of the real Ferdinand as I thought you did a lot more modification of the body. Not any changes but what you did do is highlight the details of the engine that were already there but not that noticeable and overlooked. Good job mate!
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Not much today, but on the weekend I will be going to a local Model show and putting up a Plarail display. I guess it might upset some of the "serious" modellers but I bet I get more visits.
I have no plan in mind, just all my boxes of track etc and see what I come up with.
I really can't believe or understand how anyone can be upset with anyone when they play with these toys but I know there are those who do. Please, I am very interested in what you come up with in designing on the fly. Can you share with us some pictures of the show?
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