What did you do to your trains today?

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Happy to
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i took the christmas thomas to the club to attempt a thorough clean, but couldnt get him open. [darn triangle screws!] instead i did what i could with a thumb tack and tweezers, lol

this coming thursday is our running night, where we bring trains to run on the layouts, so will take the full christmas set out to see what it does in person
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Don't forget us with some pictures sunhuntin Smile
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(06-19-2014, 07:09 PM)Super Wrote: I really can't believe or understand how anyone can be upset with anyone when they play with these toys but I know there are those who do. Please, I am very interested in what you come up with in designing on the fly. Can you share with us some pictures of the show?

HAHA I get all sorts of wondering looks when I go to the model train store and grab very random items, today it was more 4mm brass tube and some brass wire, also some square styrene tube which I think will be great housing for adding lights to locos. Also got an update on my Baldwin Lyn Hon30 the guy has fitted the motor and it should be ready soon! that running gear I supplied was basically brand new Big Grin

Anyway did a couple of things today, boiler supports for ferdinand (annoying the boiler comes off to fit a battery otherwise it would have been better).

Den got some styrene sheet to cover messy cuts I did when I did the rod conversion, still need to paint those parts and I repainted the rods and the wheel extension in fresh orange.

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dont worry, super. Smile hoping to do photos this weekend, and will likely get some more on thursday.
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Looking good Ucwepn

Looks like you are having a good time dabbling with your mods in the shed on your new work benches rather than the dinning room table. Smile
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Thanks Super! The work space is great! Its the first time we have had a dedicated workspace such as this with good lighting and tools at my fingertips, all I need now are some ideas haha and it is starting to become well equipped, My Bro snapped the big vice last week so a new one went in yesterday bigger and a better brand! He is outside as I type this using my airbrush to paint new piping for his turbo on his lancer GSR haha.
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Today I took my boxes of Blue Track to a local model show as planned. It was really popular and I have been invited to another show next year.
However, I checked out good old Ebay tonight and found the new Advance steam loco plus coaches from Tokyo Hobby for approx £20 posted, last one they had so with a moments hesitation I ordered one
I will post photos etc when it arrives
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Any pictures from the show Penybontshed?
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nice custom den and ferdinand. can't wait for the next custom video,ucwepn!

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