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An interesting and little-used application of the word 'unopened'....

[Image: image.png]
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Trackmaster kevin but hold on the couplings are regular tomy/trackmaster ones.
[Image: Screenshot-20240113-132455-Chrome.jpg]

[Image: Screenshot-20240113-132458-Chrome.jpg]
Here is how the couplings are ment to be one could take the flatbeds kevin comes with and change the couplers to regular ones but to do it to kevin is strange .
[Image: s-l1200.jpg]
I guess the seller took the model apart and changed the coupling to a regular White one
I liked tomy ever since I found out about it
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I actually like the idea of Kevin pulling the express  Big Grin
TrackMaster Expert (kinda)
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Super cool looking…but no.
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Play nice & have fun!!Smile
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Regularly $79.00...better get a few while they are on sale 😆😉
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From the glorious nation of Kazakhstan: this interesting thomas that the seller claims is a prototype. He also claims to have more prototypes.

[Image: kazakh.png]
Train it, plane it, you name it!
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Well at least it's new!
The magic of the GWR
Just saw that, they've got the Golden Thomas Prototype too, I was shocked a bit when I saw it was from Kazakhstan, first I've ever seen of it. Anyways I got a crazy one myself I got a screenshot of before it sold and the price changed:
[Image: IMG-1276-1.png]
Boy do I love it when I have to pay $549.00 Shipping for something that shouldn't exceed like $35.
I have one myself, I paid about $60 for the whole thing in like BNiB Condition and here it is:
[Image: IMG-0276-1.jpg]
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The seller has listed another alleged prototype. Makes you wonder where a Kazakh guy is getting them from...

[Image: kazakh2.png]

very nice
Train it, plane it, you name it!
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I might have seen these items on the website of a reputable auction house a few months ago, but I didn't take a lot of notice and can't be sure.
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