My Newest Arrival!

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Wow...well done PJ and you did a wonderful job with my Lions 👍
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Thank You Super, the Lions did absolutely amazing this year and I hope they can finally get to and win a Super Bowl. I'd love to see it happen!
Hello BPT! As promised, I had a post that I'd eventually do after I had posted my NFL drawings. And the item that I have to post is one I've looked for for longer than Charlie in "Play Time", and now own it BNiB:
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Brand New Flora from HiT Toys in 2008! (New Friends Release)
Price: $125.00
Shipping: $11.85
Total: $136.85
Location: Clover, South Carolina, USA
With this insane addition in the collection now, I have 4 New Friends releases NiB (Whiff, Proteus, Hank, & Flora) and now 79 boxed items. Tune in to see which one will be #80, and I will guarantee it will be a great one like Rheneas!
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Wow...she is beautiful!
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