Buying Plarail in Seoul, South Korea

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Hello there, I am about to have a small holiday to Seoul, South Korea in about a month or so, for the Lunar New Year.

I am wondering if there's any place in Seoul that I can buy Plarail train and sets from? SK is close to Japan so I hope that Seoul would have more up-to-date Plarail trains than what I have here. Any place in Seoul would suffice, and, if Lotte World has one, please give me exact shop location inside there.

Thank you all very much!
Hunting Shinkansen for life (but not at all costs) :>
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Hello HanoibusGamer,

It looks like there's a ToysRUs store next to Lotte World, so I would recommend checking there.

[Image: Bild-2024-01-15-184532758.png]

By the way, make sure to look for a KTX set while you're there. They probably aren't as common outside of South Korea.  Wink
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All my searches lead back to Toys 'R Us in Lotte World Mall at Jamsil Station.

It's part of Luxury Ville on the 3rd floor, store map here:
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