The winner of the "One Tatami Plarail Contest"

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The following is an article of the winner of the "One Tatami Plarail Contest".  The winner was an organization employee Fujimine Masahiro (55).  He started Plarail at the age of 35.
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Not sure what the 'contest' is?
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Pretty much Takara Tomy had a Plarail contest in which one had to create a diorama as long as one tatami mat.

Tatami Mat can be seen as the square on the flooring.  Here is a photo at a friend's home:

[Image: 30770317561_5b4d9ce28a_h.jpg]
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Thanks for the explanation KNDY 😃
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Interesting, the layout size requirement on Plarail site is just 20cm shorter than my bed, which I have built layouts under it for quite some time now lol.

I love seeing the dense layouts in the Instagram link, showing how many rails you can stuff on not that big surface level, while having as little dead ends as possible.
Hunting Shinkansen for life (but not at all costs) :>
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