1950s (?) Marklin 3200 set

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If I'm going to be honest, for quite some time now trains haven't been on my mind. As a result, things at GGF HQ (pictured below) haven't been productive. My TPR map isn't finished (and to this day remains in limbo if it ever will be finished), I haven't been active on BPT and a YT channel idea I hoped to start flopped before I even came close to uploading anything. But since today is my 3 year anniversary of being BPT member, I think it's appropriate to make a little bit of a comeback and start a discussion.

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Now onto the subject of the thread.

A couple of years ago a relative gave me this Marklin HO set. He said he found it whilst working in Germany and gave me it because he knew I liked trains.

[Image: 20240205-190345.jpg]

The engine and contents seemed to be in overall good condition (except the control pannel thingy's buttons are a bit floppy and loose). I dont actually have the power controller so the engines can move so I don't even know if everything here works.

[Image: 20240205-190001.jpg]
[Image: 20240205-190040.jpg][Image: 420647911-3593084334280513-2310796605318829008-n.jpg]

From what I could find on the internet, people have similar sets that date form the 1950s/60s. I couldn't find the exact one I have (mine comes with some extra bits and bob such as trees, more rolling stock a lamppost, mini track pieces and some kind of wiring)

[Image: 20240205-190058.jpg]

So I am looking to you, brothers of BPTs for more information about the set, what its worth and so on since I don't collect this stuff and don't know much about it.
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Hi GG-Fan...Welcome back to the world of trains
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Is there a label on the end of the box lid like this....?

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Yes. It says 3200
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Hello, I'm from germany and im quite familliar with the Märklin Sets and Locos. I cant tell you how much your Set is worth since it heavly depends on its condition and if it works or not but if the Set is complete (full loop of track, all rollingstock included) its a nice novelty to have. As for the blue switch panel, the buttons being loose and weird to press is normal. Its just a squishy button but it does its job. Getting a transformer for this shouldnt be a problem since Märklin themselves advertise it on their site https://www.maerklin.de/en/products/deta...ticle/6646
If you have any other questions feel free to ask

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Thanks for helping out Ron 👍
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Hi Ron
Thanks for joining the discussion. Could you tell me more about my set? (general info, date etc.)
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no problem. Ive searched for the set and I found via a Forum that this set is from the 60s and is worth around ~50€ depending on how good its condition is.

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Danke schön Ron
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