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In recent years the interest in era 2 locomotives has grown significantly and so more and more of these stunning models have started being produced. This thread will feature collection of all engines, freight stock and coaches produced ready-to-run for the British market.

The Great Northern Railway (GNR) was a British railway company incorporated in 1846 with the object of building a line from London to York. It quickly saw that seizing control of territory was key to development, and it acquired, or took leases of, many local railways, whether actually built or not. In so doing, it overextended itself financially.
Nevertheless, it succeeded in reaching into the coalfields of NottinghamshireDerbyshire and Yorkshire, as well as establishing dominance in Lincolnshire and north London. Bringing coal south to London was dominant, but general agricultural business, and short- and long-distance passenger traffic, were important activities too. Its fast passenger express trains captured the public imagination, and its Chief Mechanical Engineer Nigel Gresley became a celebrity.
Anglo-Scottish travel on the East Coast Main Line became commercially important; the GNR controlled the line from London to Doncaster and allied itself with the North Eastern Railway and the North British Railway so as to offer seamless travel facilities.
The main line railways of Great Britain were "grouped" following the Railways Act 1921 into one or other of four new larger concerns. The Great Northern Railway was a constituent of the London and North Eastern Railway, which took control at the beginning of 1923. Although many local lines have been closed, much of the network is active today.


In total 5 locomotives, spanning 4 classes ,have been produced by 3 manufactures:


GNR class C1 atlantic: Probably the most expensive engine, but also by far the larges produced

[Image: 1570745360-IMG-3840a.jpg]

2) Hornby:

GNR class J13: Probably the cheapest GNR locomotive you can buy

[Image: R2971-X-27505-Qty1-1.jpg]

GNR class N2: Originally an Airfix tooling

[Image: R3187-1504352-Qty1-1.jpg]


GNR class J13: The newest announced locomotive, currently still in the prototype faze 

[Image: 958002.png]

[Image: 958012-86718.png]

GNR class A2 (The Stirling Single): By far the mot famous GNR locomotive in OO scale and up until a few months ago, the hardest to obtain, it was produced in 2018 exclusevly for Locomotion models and on the after market fetching prices upwards of £600, however at the end of last year Rapido announced a new batch of these gems , the as-built condition exclusive to Locomotion models (sold at RRP- £250) and the 1930s condition, with Sturruck tender as a general release, usually at a discount of %15 (£212) from the retailers.

[Image: 244924.jpg]

[Image: OO-Single-181217.jpg]

[Image: Stirling3-jpg-6665541ac5f485ee1f4feed7c44e7ae2.jpg]

[Image: Striling-Sturrock-001-decorated-scaled.jpg]


There is only one item of freight and that is the GNR Rapido gunpowder van:

[Image: 908023v2-600x338.png]


Both Hattons and Hornby have produced GNR coaches:

  • [b]4 wheel brake third[/b]
  • [b]4 wheel full brake[/b]
  • [b]4 wheel first[/b]
  • [b]4 wheel third[/b]

[Image: 161141215340060aaa-1.jpg]

[Image: 161142899240058-A1a-1.jpg]

[Image: 1611612255400571aa-1.jpg]

[Image: 1611614606400591aa-1.jpg]

  • 4 wheel brake third
  • 4 wheel third
  • 4 wheel first
  • 6 wheel brake third
  • 6 wheel third
  • 6 wheel first
  • 6 wheel lavotory composite
  • 6 wheel full brake

[Image: Genesis-GNR-group1-lr.webp]

The magic of the GWR
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Those are beautiful engines as I have a soft spot for Steamers. I also love that Gun Powder Van. 😃
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My favourites of the pre-grouping era are vastly underrepresented in OO form, the L&YR has about 4 or so total, two locos and two bits of rolling stock, though it should be noted one of these was Hattons' genesis coach of which there's a few variations e.g brake coaches, 6 wheel, 4 wheel etc. and the MSWJR has nothing, honestly a shame in my opinion

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