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Fantastic research Dr Chris. I didn't know that there was a second set of the Round and Round Bridge. I would think that with such a special release of the 'A Prize' that something would be different to make the 20 unique and different....hmmm wonder if there is?
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I was hopeful that the Thomas that came with the A prize bridge set might have the same open mouth/rosy cheeks same as the B prize one, but I just don't know. I couldn't find any picture apart from the promotional one that I showed above and that's not good enough to definitely show if there was any difference. This is the face that came in the regular bridge set:

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Pretty sure the annoyed Thomas Face only came in the Thomas and the Freight Cars Set

And Mike your Custom looks 1/1 with the original, can almost not tell the difference. I can't even spot any differences between my one which is one of the 360, and yours!
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TH1... thank you so much for that compliment. It really makes my day when someone takes the time to say something positive. Thank you.
Mike Arnett Customthomas
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