Mixed variety of trains

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Hi, it’s been a while since I posted here. I’ve recently moved and found some more trains that I bought in 2022 or something…. Can’t quite remember, but anyway I have seriously no clue where they are from or anything so if someone know please tell. All I know is that they are some types of plarail/tomica trains.

The first and last picture was recent but the others are listing pictures. 

I got it for about 18 dollars

I did get some Thomas and friends rolling stock/engines but they’re somewhere in the basement, but if I remember correctly there was a Thomas with Annie and Clarabel who were really old and had a similar connector to now except it was rounder? Kinda hard to explain I can try to find it, you can see the Thomas inside the ikea bag.

I’m extremely curious of the train in the first picture so if anyone have any kind of info, do please tell. 

[Image: IMG-9588.jpg]

[Image: rdb6z6xM%5D9589.png]

[Image: IMG-9590.png]

[Image: IMG-9591.png]

[Image: IMG-9592.png]

[Image: IMG-9593.png]

[Image: IMG-9594.png]

[Image: IMG-9595.png]

[Image: IMG-9596.png]

[Image: IMG-9597.png]

[Image: IMG-9598.png]

[Image: IMG-9599.jpg]
Keep on collecting Cool
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WOW, you got all of that for just $18....WOW! Quite the assortment, Well done Blue 👍

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The train in the first picture is the Doll Play Nozomi, released in 1995.

人形あそび のぞみ号

[Image: g303892890-1.jpg]
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