thomas and friends mini series

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ordered the 2023 advent calendar from amazon the other day. hopefully this one arrives in better shape than last years.

only 6 new minis from what i could tell, and nothing from series 24 which is disappointing.

Once again, I appreciate the heads up as I never seem to know if they’re officially done with the minis or not. What’s the significance of series 24, sun? Is there some from that you don’t have yet?
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hey, reivax,

i was surprised to see it, too. the guy on twitter i follow hasnt posted an update since october last year, so i thought they were done and dusted.

series 24 has never made it to nz, so i only have a couple from last years advent calendar. i refuse to pay nearly $300NZD to import a single box from the uk.

well, color me impressed! i checked the tracking, and it was marked as delivered. sure enough, it was on the front step. 4 days from america to new zealand. that is mindblowing.

reivax, if you buy one, can you please post a photo of the chrome percy face? my one looks really odd.
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I’ll be buying one soon. I’ll post a pic of the Percy. I’ll take note of series 24 when I wander around stores. I still see the most random series floating around each store I go in to. I’m certain there are series 24 boxes around here.
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thanks, that would be good. if you find a full set of 24, that would be amazing.

two new boxes of minis at the supermarket, the ones with the clear windows in front, and the price has increased .50c. i picked up edward just to have an example of one, and will snag a box when they empty enough
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Yeah, I got a couple clear package ones for the collection as well.

Here’s the face of the new advent Percy I got.

[Image: 7-B043084-8583-4826-99-B5-E63-DE76-B4797.jpg]
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thanks for that. yours is marginally better than mine. neither are close to the face shown on the box.

[Image: P1000199.jpg]
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ok, i caved and ordered a box of s24 from an ebay seller in the UK. the box arrived pretty quickly, and i set to going through it. it appears the pandemic did a number on distribution more than we realised.

there were 48 bags in the box, as there should be. normally, that would 2 per bag of almost all characters, and then a single or two due to the exclusive.

i laid the bags out in numerical order and pulled up the wiki page. not a single code i had matched the wiki site even remotely. one number i had 5 or 6 bags of! that turned out to be classic thomas. i did not complete one single set out of the box. my set is missing 3, and a second set is missing 5. not sure how many more partial sets i can make, too tired to try right now.

i did have a mini panic with the codes as the one listed for the metallic james was not in my case. i eventually found it, and then struck gold with a second! i opened the second as i thought my eyes were playing tricks. i was looking through the white parts of the bag to see who was in so i didnt go opening all of them.

so now i am searching ebay for the missing 3, and will resort to asking the multi-pack sellers if they have the codes i think i need.
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You can take the Mini's from the Store shelves...
But you can't take the Mini's out of the hands of an Old Collector. 😁
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