thomas and friends mini series

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pablos googleshare doc for 2020/1

picked these up today. they came in blind bags. each bag has a code and number on the front. the numbers go up to 18. i picked up one of each, and am assuming i got the full set of the first wave. individual photos can be found here:
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13 is Paxton btw . the names are written underneath
They look like the take along/take n play range without tenders. And made by mattel, why you no detail TM trains this good???? WHY!!!!!!
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toot, yes i realised after i had taken the photo. a certain ucwepn was so eager for photos i rushed through and didnt really even look at them, lol.

rock, they are about 5cm long and so detailed. even the spooky percy has bandages printed on his wheels, and salty has a different design on both sides. it would be nice if the perfection could be transferred to their other lines.
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Fyi different wave available in USA with several 3 and 8 packs in clear blister packs on card.
A little smaller than I thought.
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I saw bunch of those at WalMart today. Here's some shots of the big packs:

[Image: IMG_20150222_152823_zpseh7agjyq.jpg]

[Image: IMG_20150222_152818_zpsaksg3tnk.jpg]

And their backs listing individual collections:

[Image: IMG_20150222_152924_zpswzrxeixi.jpg]

[Image: IMG_20150222_152939_zpsfmfkc0lc.jpg]
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wish we had the blister packs here, just for the extra variety in them. thanks for the pics Smile
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with thanks to tootally, who sent me the link overnight, i ordered two of these and another metallic james while eating breakfast at 5.30am. they are coming from australia, so hopefully be here in a couple of weeks.
while i was contemplating, one of these sold on ebay for $65USD. i got the two, plus james, for around $80NZD including post.

it contains GOLD THOMAS! which was the main draw, plus i plan on showing the minis in public and was looking for a way to transport them with minimal damage.

[Image: thomas_minis_collectors_playwheel_front_2048x2048.jpg]
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I've picked up a few random packs and I can confirm the numbers and what's in the packs matched what sunhuntin posted in the first post. They're super cute and almost right size not to stick out too much on the N scale layout.

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[Image: IMG_20150303_173618_zpsncbxlfoc.jpg]
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